What is Trident Privilege?

Trident Privilege is the frequent guest programme of Trident Hotels that rewards guests on frequency of their stay and other eligible spends in participating Trident hotels during their stay.

What does 'Stay' mean?

A ‘stay’ is defined as the total number of consecutive nights spent at the same participating hotel with a minimum of 24-hours difference between successive check-outs and check-ins.

Which are the participating Trident hotels?

a) Trident, Agra
b) Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai
c) Trident, Bhubaneswar
d) Trident, Chennai
e) Trident, Cochin
f) Trident, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)
g) Trident, Hyderabad
h) Trident, Jaipur
i) Trident, Udaipur
j) Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai

How can one become a Trident Privilege Programme member?

You can become a member of the Trident Privilege Programme by enrolling at the front desk during check– in or while staying at any participating Trident Hotel. The front office staff at the hotel would be glad to help you with the enrolment process. The enrolment form needs to be duly filled and returned during the stay or at the time of check-out. Once you return the form, an email with an activation link will be sent to your given e-mail address. Simply click on this link, subsequent to which your membership will be activated.

It is imperative for the link to be clicked for activation of the membership. Non-activation of your membership could lead to termination of your account, and all accrued points (if any) will lapse from the terminated account.

Alternatively, you may also enrol online at www.tridentprivilege.com.

Will I get my Trident Privilege card at the front desk when I enrol at the hotel?

At the time of enrolment at the hotel, you will be given a temporary paper card. Once you activate your membership by clicking the link in the email sent to you, we will send you a personalised final card.

When will I get a card if I enrol online?

When you enrol online, you will get a temporary card on-screen which you may print and keep with you. On completion of your first stay at any of the participating Trident hotels, we will send you a personalized Trident Privilege card.

Who can become a member?

Anyone above the age of 18 years can enrol to become a member of Trident Privilege.

Is there an enrolment fee?

No, there is no enrolment fee.

How can I earn Trident Privilege points?

To earn Trident Privilege points, a member must be registered with the Trident Privilege Programme. Trident Privilege members will be awarded 10 points for very eligible INR 100 (one hundred only) spent during their stay. Further, Gold and Platinum members will earn 11 and 12 points respectively.

What is ‘eligible spend’?

The eligible spend for the purpose of earning points comprises the amount spent by a member only on the following: Room; Food and Beverage; Laundry; Trident Spa & fitness centre; Mini Bar; Business Centre and Trident Meeting rooms. The spend would not include taxes, discounts and any other third party payouts.

Are there any types of stays which are not eligible for earning points?

Some rate types and stays are not eligible for earning points. No points or stay credit is awarded for house guests, complimentary rooms or those booked against barter, if you are 'sharer' guest, or under redemption. Bookings made through travel agents, online travel websites and group or tour operators are not eligible for points or stay credits. Points are also not given for banquet events, catering functions, airline crew groups, employees of Trident Hotels, tips and taxes. No points or credit, towards the tier status is awarded if the guest is a ‘no show’ at the hotel. This implies that the member will not earn any points even if he/she is charged retention as per the hotel's 'no show' policy.

Will I earn Trident Privilege points for stays I have undertaken at Trident Hotels before enrolling into the Trident Privilege Programme?

No, you will only earn Trident Privilege points for stays you have undertaken at Trident hotels after your enrolment into the Programme.

How long will it take to credit my Trident Privilege account after a stay?

Your Trident Privilege account will be credited with the eligible points within 5 working days from the time of the check-out of the relevant stay.

How do I get credit for a missing stay?

In the rare case that you find a stay has not been credited, you may submit your missing stay details online at www.tridentprivilege.com. You may alternately contact the Programme Centre for an update of the same. You would be asked to furnish relevant information regarding the particular stay.

Can I earn points on my dining bills without actually staying at the hotel?

No. You may earn points on dining only when staying at the hotel.

Can my spouse, children or parents use my membership?

The membership and the accruing benefits and privileges are restricted to the members. Spouse, children or parents cannot enjoy the benefits and privileges of a membership.

Can I receive credit for two rooms if I’m paying for both?

Yes, provided the second room is also booked in your own name and you are settling the bills, subject to a maximum of three rooms per stay.

Can points be redeemed for any person other than the member?

No, points may not be redeemed for any person other than the member.

Are taxes applicable on redemptions?

Yes, taxes will be applicable on redemption as per normal standards.

What is the validity of my Trident Privilege membership?

Your Trident Privilege membership is valid for 2 years from the date of issue. At the end of 2 years, your membership will automatically be renewed for another 2 years if there has been eligible activity in the preceding 12 months, failing which membership will stand terminated.

What is eligible activity?

Eligible activity is defined as completing one stay at eligible rates (mentioned above) at any of the Trident hotels in the preceding 12 months from the date of membership lapsing.

Tell me more about membership tiers?

Trident Privilege Programme has 3 tiers: Red, Gold and Platinum. Red is the entry level tier contingent on spend patterns and frequency of stay, membership will be upgraded to Gold or Platinum tiers.

What is the criteria for upgrading my tier?

For the Gold tier, you need to complete 5 stays or accumulate 10,000 points in a 12 month rolling period from the time of enrollment.
For the Platinum tier, you need to complete 12 stays or accumulate 40,000 points in a 12 month rolling period from the time of enrollment.

What is the criteria for retaining my tier?

Red members can retain their tier by completing one stay in the preceding 12 months from the date of membership lapsing.
Gold members need to accumulate 8,000 points or complete 4 stays in subsequent 12 months rolling period from the date of the enrollment to retain the tier.
Platinum Tier may be retained by accumulating 30,000 points or completing 8 stays in the subsequent 12 months rolling period from the date of the enrollment.

Will I be downgraded if I don’t meet the criteria for tier retention?

Yes, in case the minimum tier retention criteria are not met, your membership level will be adjusted to a tier the maintenance criteria of which you have met.

If, and when will my points expire?

Accumulated points will be valid for at least 2 years from the date they have been awarded. All points accrued in a calendar year (that have not been redeemed) will lapse post 2 years on the 31st of December. All points lapse when membership lapses.

Can I manage my account online?

Yes, Trident Privilege is a fully web enabled Programme. Your membership card number along with the password issued to you at the time of enrolment can be used to access the member website. The password can be changed subsequently.

Can I get a duplicate card if I have lost it or if it is damaged or stolen?

In the event of the membership card being lost or stolen, the member should inform the Trident Hotels contact centre at +91 11 2389 0555 (operational 24 hours) and we will send you the replacement card without any charge.

I can’t find the gift certificate on my email, can it be reissued ?

In the event of the e-certificate redeemed by you is lost or if you haven’t received it, you can log in to your Trident Privilege account and re-send the certificate or you can write to us at: tridentprivilege as tridenthotels loyalty com or call the Trident Privilege Helpdesk at: +91 11 2389 0657 (operational 24 hours) and we will re-send the e-certificate within 48 hours.

What are the redemption options available to members?

We offer a host of redemption opportunities to our members. The assortment comprises various options at Trident hotels including complimentary stays, dining certificates, room upgrade certificates, spa therapies and holiday packages.

Instant Redemption FAQs

What Is Instant redemption?

Instant rewards redemption from Trident Privilege lets you use your Trident Privilege points instantly at any participating Trident hotel. With instant redemption, you do not need to make a redemption request prior to your visit. You can redeem your Trident Privilege points to settle your bills for stay, dining or spa treatments. The points may be used for complete or partial payment of the bill at participating Trident hotels. When you request to redeem your Trident Privilege points instantly against the value of bill, the corresponding points will be deducted from your account.

Where can I redeem my points instantly?

You can redeem your points instantly at all Trident hotels participating in the Trident Privilege program.

Which expenses can be settled by instantly redeeming my Trident Privilege points?

Instant Redemption of points is valid only when used toward the expenses charged to:

  • The Member's room, including but not limited to room charges, food and beverage, spa services or dining expenses at participating restaurant.
  • Dining at any participating restaurant
Instant Redemption of points is not applicable on the following:
  • Laundry /Dry cleaning
  • Internet
  • Telephones
  • Gratuity
  • Banquets
  • Car transfers
  • Any third party pay out
  • Business Centre/ Trident Meeting Rooms

How can I redeem my points instantly?

To redeem points instantly at a Trident hotel you will need to carry your Trident Privilege membership card. At the time of requesting for your bill, do inform the Trident staff member that you would like to redeem your Trident Privilege points. You will be required to present your Trident Privilege membership card and inform the amount that you would like settled against your Trident Privilege account. On successfully redeeming your points the staff will present you with two copies of the redemption slip, each of them requiring your signature. The staff will retain one copy while the other copy will be presented to you.

What if I am not carrying my membership card? Can I still redeem my points instantly?

Carrying your membership card is mandatory for the instant redemption of the points. As a process to redeem your points, staff would require to swipe your membership card on the EDC terminal, which would validate your membership related details and would process the transaction instantly, so you cannot redeem points in case you are not carrying your membership card.

Can I book Instant Redemption of points in advance?

No, Instant Redemption of points cannot be booked in advance of the stay or visit to restaurant. Instant Redemption of points must be announced to the Trident staff prior to settling of the stay, spa or dining bills at the participating Trident hotel.

What would be the value of each point?

The value of a point at the time of Instant Redemption is currently set at Rs. 0.2 per point and this may be changed from time to time. For example, 10,000 points would be required for a dining or stay bill of Rs. 2000.

I don’t know my point balance. Can I still redeem my points?

Yes. Just present your Trident Privilege membership card and inform the Trident staff member that you would like to know the point balance in your account. The Trident staff member will share a confirmation slip with your points balance. You can then inform the Trident staff member the value of points that you would like to redeem.

I don’t have a Trident Privilege membership Card. How do I get one?

Please send a request for a membership card to our Trident Privilege Programme Centre. You can write to us at: tridentprivilege as tridenthotels loyalty com or call the Trident Privilege Helpdesk at:
+91 11 2389 0657.

I have lost my Trident Privilege membership Card. What should I do?

In the event the membership card is lost or stolen, you should inform immediately by calling the Trident Hotels 24x7 Helpdesk at +91 11 2389 0555, so that we can block your card against any misuse and issue you a replacement card. The membership card will not be blocked or replaced until you verify your account details.

Can my family and friends carry my membership card and redeem points on my behalf?

Only members are allowed to redeem points using their Trident Privilege membership card.

Can I settle my bill partly by points and partly by credit card at a Trident hotel?

Yes, you can use your Trident Privilege points to settle the bill. The remaining balance (if any) can be paid by you using your preferred mode of payment (cash or credit / debit card)

Can I exchange my points for cash?

No, points cannot be converted or exchanged in to cash. If the amount requested for the Instant Redemption of points is more than the bill amount to be settled at the hotel, cash will not be returned to the member.

Are there blackout dates?

No, there are no blackout dates with instant points redemption. However, the room rates at Trident Hotels do vary.

Can I redeem special redemption offers listed on the Trident Privilege Website via Instant Redemption?

Instant Redemption points will be redeemed against the folio amount and not against any redemption offers or promotions available on the Trident Privilege website. To avail special offers or promotions, please contact Trident Privilege help desk. Contact Us

Can I cancel the instant redemption of points after making the request?

Once accrued points in your account have been redeemed, the points cannot be returned to the account.

Can any hotel decline my request to redeem my points instantly?

A participating hotel may decline an Instant Redemption request by you in the event you are not carrying your membership card or the membership card is damaged / defective or you could not substantiate your identity or a technical issue is encountered at the hotel or any major event.

Who can instantly redeem points?

Instant redemption of points are valid only for individual travel throughout the year with no blackout dates, and are not applicable to group travel, package tours, or conventions that have been charged to and/or paid by a third party. The value of the points credited may be used by the Member only and may not be gifted.

Which hotels allow Instant Redemption of point?

a) Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai
b) Trident, Gurgaon
c) Trident, Hyderabad
d) Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai
e) Trident, Agra
f) Trident, Bhubaneswar
g) Trident, Jaipur
h) Trident, Udaipur
i) Trident, Cochin
j) Trident, Chennai